2017 Toyota Prius Prime Preview near Rockford, IL

The Ultimate Green Car Will Debut This Year! 

What makes the 2017 Prime different than any other Prius on the market? Everything. Anderson Toyota presents the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Preview near Rockford, IL, to help spread some more information about this exciting plug-in hybrid that takes the best from both worlds for a revolutionary combination. From the carbon-fiber-reinforced construction to the unique dash, we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like the 2017 Prius Prime.

Power comes from three different sources in this vehicle: the battery, the electric motor, and the engine. Plug in this vehicle, sans any special chargers or equipment, to get up to 22 miles1 solely on the battery charge – a great amount for daily commutes, grocery shopping, and generally going about daily business. One of the issues many people have with relying on a plug-in vehicle is that there is a limited range – you won’t find that to be a problem here, because once those 22 miles1 have gone by, the Prius Prime will seamlessly switch to hybrid mode, taking advantage of the gasoline engine and electric motor. This frugal combination gets an expected 120 MPGe2 – an excellent fuel efficiency for heading out of state on a family road trip!

Next in this 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Preview near Rockford, IL, let’s switch gears and take a look inside the cabin, which is just as unique as what motivates this hatchback. Instead of the typical horizontal touchscreen we’ve all become familiar with, the Prius Prime is equipped with a large vertical screen – much like a tablet mounted in the center stack. The increased surface area of the touchscreen is bound to make it more responsive, which is always a bonus! From this screen, you’ll be able to view how your plug-in hybrid is operating, the climate, the A/C settings, and your energy monitor.

Unique from the inside out, take a step back to survey the Prius Prime in its entirety and you’ll see unique attributes everywhere, from the multiple square headlights adorning the front fascia, to the emphasized floating roof, to the high curve of its beltline. Not to mention the array of colors it will be available in!

Nothing’s set in stone, though, and Anderson Toyota is sure there are several more great surprises yet to be revealed about this plug-in hybrid. We hope that this 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Preview near Rockford, IL, has hyped you up for its release later this year. Stay tuned for more information!


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* All photos are of a prototype with options. Production model may vary. 


1. Prius Prime manufacturer's estimated EV range up to 22 miles when vehicle is fully charged. Excludes driving conditions. Actual mileage may vary. 

2. 2017 Prius Prime preliminary MPG equivalent deterined by Toyota. Actual MPGe will vary based on driving habits, charging practice, battery age, weather, temperature, and road/traffic conditions. Battery capacity will decrease with time nad use. For more information on MPGe and range, please seee www.fueleconomy.gov.